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Laboratory of Tumor Biochemistry

Head: Irina V. KondakovaMD, PhD, DSc, Professor

Since establishing the laboratory in 1996, I.V. Kondakova has been the head of it.

There have been published 200 scientific papers including 1 monograph and 4 certificates of invention.


The principal fields of research are:

  • study of the role of extra-and intra-cell proteolysis in cancer progression and its relation to disease outcome.
  • study of the role of estrogen metabolism, growth factors and their receptors in the development of gynecological cancer

Research Staff:

N.V. Bochkareva, MD, PhD, DSc, Principal investigator

E.V. Klisho, MD PhD, senior researcher

L.V. Spirina, MD PhD, senior researcher

G.V. Kakurina, MD PhD, senior researcher

E.E. Shashova, MD PhD. research associate

E.V. Malakhova, junior research fellow

V.D. Koval, postgraduate student

How to contact us:

5, Kooperativny Street, 634050-Tomsk, Russia
Phone:+7 3822 512529
Fax:+7 3822 514097

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