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Oncovirusology Laboratory

Head: Lyudmila N. Urazova, MD, PhD, DSc.

Oncovirusology laboratory was established in 1979 and led by Prof. V.D. Podoplyekin from 1979 to 1994. Since 1994 Lyudmila N. Urazova has been the head of this lab.

There have been published about 300 scientific papers including 2 monographs and several guidelines.


The main research activities are as follows:

  1. Study of the incidence of human papilloma virus (HPV) with high oncogenic risk in the regions of Siberia and the Russian Far East and its role in cancer ethiopathogenesis.
  2. Acossiation of oncogenic viruses with chromosome instability in cancer patients.
  3. Study of modulating effect of asparagine somers in cytostatic therapy of experimental tumors.

Research Staff:

T.I. Kuznetsova, PhD, research associate

I.G. Vidyaeva, MD, PhD, research associate

O.Yu. Shilova, PhD, research assistant

O.A. Matveenko, postgraduate student

Contact information:

Phone:+7 3822 512957
Fax:+7 3822 514097

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