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Laboratory of Molecular Oncology and Immunology

Head: Prof. Nadezhda V. Cherdyntseva

Laboratory of molecular oncology and immunology was established in 1979 by Prof. N.V. Vasilyev, an Academician of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Since 1991 the laboratory has been headed by Prof. N.V. Cherdyntseva.

The laboratory staff consisted of 16 full-time employees: 2 researches with Doctor of Science (DSc) degree, 11 researches with PhD degree, research fellows, 1 laboratory doctor and qualified nursing staff. The laboratory provides access to advanced research facilities for postgraduate students as well as for undergraduate students of the Siberian State Medical University and the Tomsk State University to prepare their diploma, master and bachelor's theses.


The principal fields of research are:

  • Tumor heterogeneity: the nature, role in tumor progression and response to therapy
  • Study of epigenetic, genetic and transcriptomic characteristics of disregeneratory processes, tumors and microenvironment and estimation of their role in progression and sensitivity (resistance) to cancer treatment. Search for molecular markers for diagnosis, prognosis and prediction of response to therapy.
  • Molecular-genetic aspects of intratumor heterogeneity of breast and lung cancers.
  • Study of ethno-associated molecular-genetic characteristics of cancer formation and patient's response to therapy in regions of Siberia and Russian Far East.
  • Study of the mechanisms of pro- and antitumor immune system functions as potential targets for improvement of treatment outcomes.
  • Experimental study of modifying influence of various factors (different types of impulse irradiation, nanoparticles) on tumor cells and normal tissues.

The principal activities:

  • Testing of expression of multidrug resistance genes and genes controlling the cell response to cytotoxic agents for choosing an adequate treatment policy
  • Assessment of hereditary mutations, associated with family cancer
  • Detection of somatic mutations in lung, head and neck and colorectal tumors for administration of the targeted therapy
  • ELISA assay of tumor markers
  • . Evaluation of immune status and phenotypic characteristic of blood, bone marrow precursors and cancer cells by flow cytometry for monitoring immune system response to antitumor treatment and for predicting disease progression.

Labotatory Staff:

N.V. Litvyakov, PhD, senior researcher

M.N. Stakheeva, MD, PhD, senior researcher

M.A. Buldakov, MD, PhD, senior researcher

E.V. Denisov, PhD, senior researcher

E.L. Malinovskaya, PhD, research fellow

N.N. Babyshkina, PhD, research fellow

P.A. Gervas, PhD, research fellow

I.A. Klimov, PhD, research fellow

A.A. Ivanova, PhD, research fellow

A.A. Ponamoreva, PhD, research fellow

E.S. Grigoryeva, PhD, research fellow

V.V. Volkomorov, post-graduate

M.M. Tsyganov, post-graduate

T.S. Geraschenko, post-graduate

L.V. Gerdt, PhD, laboratory doctor

M. R. Patysheva, laboratory doctor

Contact information:

5, Kooperativny Street, 634050-Tomsk, Russia
Phone:+7 3822 515342
Fax:+7 3822 514097

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5 Kooperativny Street
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