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Nuclear Medicine Department

Head: Vladimir I. Chernov, MD, PhD, DSc, Professor.

The Nuclear Medicine Department was established in 2006.

More than 200 scientific papers including chapters "National guidelines for nuclear medicine imaging" have been published.


The main research areas are:

  • Development of scintigraphic techniques for early cancer detection using 99mTc-MIBI, 99mTc-TF and 199Tl
  • Development of methods for sentinel lymph nodes detection
  • Feasibility study of using nuclear medicine imaging techniques for the assessment of cancer treatment-induced cardiotoxicicity
  • Development of new radiotracers for cancer detection
  • Study of changes in the level of tumor markers and hormonal homeostasis in cancer patients receiving combined modality treatment


  • The E.CAM180 multidetector gamma-camera (Siemens, Germany, 2006)
  • The CliniGamma gamma-counter for in vitro investigations (Sweden, 1988)
  • The RIG-12 gamma-counter for in vitro investigations (scientific-production center "Amplituda", Russia, 2008)
  • Gamma-probe system "Radical" (scientific-technical center "Amplituda", Russia, 2007)
  • GammaFinder II gamma-probe (Germany, 2006)


  1. V.I. Chernov, MD, PhD, DSc, Professor, Head of the Department, radiologist
  2. I.G. Sinilkin, MD, PhD, senior researcher, radiologist
  3. S.L. Stukanov, PhD, research fellow
  4. A.A. Titskaya, MD, PhD research fello, radiologist
  5. R.V. Zelchan, radiologist

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