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Department of Pathological Anatomy and Cytology

At the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Cytology led by Professor Vladimir M. Perelmuterthe main research and clinical activities are:

  • To detect morphological changes and to identify gene expression markers for breast cancer progression (multicentric tumor growth, lymphogenic and hematogenic formation of metastasis)
  • To study cytological, morphologic and molecular characteristics underlying irreversible changes in bronchial tree epithelium
  • To study prognostic significance of heterogeneity in histological pattern and ability to express proteolytic enzymes for development of lymphogenic metastases in laryngeal cancer
  • To study morphological and expression characteristics related to recurrence and hematogenous metastasis in soft tissue sarcomas


  1. Microscopes:
    • Axio Scope. A1, Carl Zeiss (Germany)
    • Axio Star plus, Carl Zeiss (Germany)
  2. Cryostats: Microm HM 525, Termo scientific (Germany)
  3. Laser microdissector: Palm Micro Beam, Pauer Supply 232, Carl Zeiss (Germany)
  4. Program system for denaturation/hybridization of preparations, model 500-S 24 "TermoBrite", Iris StatSpin, Abbot Molecular Inc. (USA)

Research Staff:

  1. O.V. Pankova, PhD, senior researcher
  2. N.V. Vasilyev, MD PhD, senior researcher
  3. M.V. Zavyalova, MD, PhD, DSc, senior researcher
  4. S.V. Vtorushin, MD PhD, senior researcher
  5. M.L. Kozhevnikov, MD PhD, research fellow
  6. O.V. Savenkova, junior research fellow
  7. L.A. Tashireva, junior research fellow
  8. N.S. Rodicheva, MD, PhD, physician- pathoanatomist
  9. S.A. Gluschenko, MD, PhD, physician- pathoanatomist
  10. U.V. Toroschina, physician

Contact information:

12/1 Savinykh Street, 634028-Tomsk
Phone:+7 3822 418071 (Head of Department)
Fax:+7 3822 514097

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