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Radiology Department

Head: Zhanna A. Startseva, MD, PhD, DSc.

The Radiology Department was established in 1980. From 1980 to 2010 the Department was headed by Professor L. I. Musabaeva, MD PhD, DSc. There have been published more than 700 scientific papers, including 7 monographs.


The principal fields of research are:

  • development of dosimetric and radiobiological aspects for radiation therapy (photon, electron, neutron and mixed beams)
  • study of radiation therapy efficacy in the complex and combined modality treatment of malignant tumors
  • exploring the combined treatment modalities including intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) and external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) for malignant tumors of various sites
  • chemo-radiation therapy of brain cancerstudy of the influence of neutron therapy on normal tissues and critical organs with respect to absorbed dose
  • Development of modalities of combined radiation therapy and polychemotherapy in treatment of oncogynecological cancer (cervical and endometrial cancers)
  • Development of the methods of preoperative combined external beam and intracavitary radiation therapy with radiosesitization in treatment of distal rectal cancer


  1. Theraton Equinox gamma-therapeutic apparatus (photon therapy)
  2. SL-6 MeV linear accelerator (braking radiation)
  3. U-120 cyclotron (neutron therapy)
  4. 7 MeV small-size betatron (electron therapy)
  5. 6 MeV small-sized betatron (intraoperative electron therapy)
  6. MultiSourse UDR gamma-therapeutic apparatus (intracavitary radiation therapy)


  • L.I. Musabaeva, MD PhD, DSc, Professor. Principal investigator
  • V.A. Lisin, DSc, Principal investigator
  • O.V. Gribova, MD PhD, research fellow
  • M.N. Nechitailo, MD PhD, physician-radiologist
  • V.V. Velikaya, MD PhD, radiologist
  • I.K. Osinov, junior research fellow
  • M.A. Dobrygina, physician-radiologist
  • A.V. Minakova, medical physicist
  • E.S. Kulikova, engineer
  • K.A. Simonov, postgraduate student

How to contact us:

Phone:+7 3822 420062, 418060
Fax:+7 3822 418060

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