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Founded in: 2002 .

ISSN: 1814-4861 (Print)

ISSN: 2312-3168 (Online)

Founder: Tomsk Cancer Research Institute

Editor-in-chief: Academician of RAS, Prof. E.L. Choinzonov

Publication frequency: 6 issues per year

Language: Russian, English

Subscription index: 46827


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5, Kooperativny Street
634050, Tomsk, Russia
Phone: +7 3822 418089, +7 3822 513269
Fax: +7 3822 511039

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Clinical Studies
Chernyshova A.L., Kolomiets L.A., Yunusova N.V., Shanshashvili E.V. Hormonal and energetic changes in patients with endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer

Gafton G.I., Senchik К.Yu., Gafton I.G., Rozengard S.A., Petrov V.G., Semiglazov V.V., Semiletova Yu.V., Zinovyev G.V. Complications of isolated regional limb chemoperfusion

Chernov V.I., Kravchuk T.L., Zelchan R.V., Podoplekin D.M., Goldberg V.E. Possibility of drug preventionanthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity

Sergeev N.I. MRI technique of dynamic contrast enhancement applied to the diagnosis and monitoring of chemo-radiation treatment of secondary bone lesions

Laboratory and Experimental Studies
Lisin V.A., Velikaya V.V., Miloichikova I.A. Adaptation of linear-quadratic model for planning neutron therapy regimens

Kaigorodova E.V., Bogatyuk M.V., Zavyalova M.V., Tarabanovskaya N.A., Simolina E.I., Slonimskaya E.M., Choynzonov E.L., Perelmuter V.M. New indicators of Hsp27 functional state in breast cancer cells with different variants of Her2/neu-status

Abakushina E.V., Marizina Yu.V., Neprina G.S., Kudryavtsev D.V., Pasova I.A., Selivanova N.V. Characteristics of lymphocyte subpopulation composition in cancer patients undergoing combined modality treatment including adaptive immunotherapy

Savenkova О.V., Zavyalova М.V., Bychkov V.A., Choinzonov E.L., Perelmuter V.М. Relationship between expression of matrix metalloproteinases and morphological heterogeneity, tumor differentiation and lymphogenous metastasis of squamous cell laryngeal carcinoma

Lopatina K.A., Razina T.G., Zueva E.P., Krylova S.G., Guryev A.M., Amosova E.N., Rybalkina O.Y., Safonova E.A., Efimova L.A., Belousov M.V. Preclinical studies of α(1,2)-L-RAMNO-α(1,4)-Dgalactopiranoziluronan from rhizomes Acorus calamus l. in cancer experiment

Lykov A.P., Bondarenko N.A., Poveshchenko O.V., Kabakov A.V., Rayter T.V., Kazakov O.V., Strunkin D.N., Poveshchenko A.F., Konenkov V.I. Comparative analysis of the content in lymph of hormones drawing in pathogenesis of breast cancer in rats Wistar

Practice of Oncology
Pisareva L.F., Odintsova I.N., Ananina O.A., Boyarkina A.P. Cancer incidence among population of siberia and russian far east

Simonov K.A., Startseva Zh.A., Slonimskaya E.M. Radiation therapy of breast cancer with account prognostic factors

Korzhov I.S. Diagnostic features ofspeech disorders in cancer patients with acquired maxillary defects

Professor L.I. Musabaeva (to the 75th birthday)

Chronicle. Information
Information on the work of Dissertation Board of the Tomsk Cancer Research Institute in 2014

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