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Founded in: 2002 .

ISSN: 1814-4861 (Print)

ISSN: 2312-3168 (Online)

Founder: Tomsk Cancer Research Institute

Editor-in-chief: Academician of RAS, Prof. E.L. Choinzonov

Publication frequency: 6 issues per year

Language: Russian, English

Subscription index: 46827


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5, Kooperativny Street
634050, Tomsk, Russia
Phone: +7 3822 418089, +7 3822 513269
Fax: +7 3822 511039

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Clinical Studies
Grigoryevskaya Z.V., Petukhova I.N., Dmitrieva N.V. Outbreak of hospital-aquired infection caused by multidrug resistant strains of k. pneumoniae

Yumov E.L., Miller S.V., Litvyakov N.V., Polischuk T.V., Tuzikov S.A., Cheremisina O.V., Goldberg V.E., Rodionov E.O. Chemotherapy in combined modality treatment for locally advamced non-small cell lung cancer

Laboratory and Experimental Studies
Bespalov V.G., Belyaeva O.A., Kireeva G.S., Senchik K.Yu., Stukov A.N., Belyaev A.M. Intraperitoneal chemoperfusion treatment of advanced ovarian cancer with dioxadet compared to cisplatin in experimental study

Perelmuter V.M., Vasilyev N.V., Tashireva L.A., Savenkova O.V., Kaigarodova E.V., Zhamgaryan G.S. Gene expression profile and molecular-genetic analysis of synovial sarcoma and ewing' sarcoma/pnet

Zuikov S.A., Borzenko B.G., Zuikova O.V. Correlation of pro-oxidant with antioxidant systems in case of colorectal tumors

Manskikh V.N. Status of pair lymph nodes in mice with spontaneous tumors of hematopoetic system

Practice of Oncology
Zapariy S.P., Kosenok V.K., Ivanilov A.K. MAIN Trends of primary maligant tumors and primary disability of the adult population of the Omsk region in 2007—2012 years

Vazhenin A.V., Afanasyeva N.G., Subbotin A.S. Detection of extranodal involvement in patients with lymphomas using the combined pet-ct

Balaev P.I., Borzunov D.Yu. Ilizarov's transbone compression-distraction octeosynthesis for patients with primary cancer of lower extremities

Gervas P.A., Litviakov N.V., Popova N.O., Dobrodeev A.Yu., Tarasova A.S., Yumov E.L., Ivanova F.G., Cheremisina O.V., Afanasyev S.G., Goldberg V.E., Cherdyntseva N.V. Problem and perspective to improve molecular testing to choose appropriate target therapy

Belkovets A.V., Reschetnikov O.V., Kurilovich S.A., Maksimov V.N. Gastric cancer: molecular and genetic data (literature review)

Kupriyanova I.E., Tuzikov S.A., Gural E.S. Life quality and mental disorders in cancer patients

Case from Clinical Practice
Sotnikov A.V., Polyakov V.G., Pimenov R.I. Complication of central venous catheterization (case report)

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