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Founded in: 2002 .

ISSN: 1814-4861 (Print)

ISSN: 2312-3168 (Online)

Founder: Tomsk Cancer Research Institute

Editor-in-chief: Academician of RAS, Prof. E.L. Choinzonov

Publication frequency: 6 issues per year

Language: Russian, English

Subscription index: 46827


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5, Kooperativny Street
634050, Tomsk, Russia
Phone: +7 3822 418089, +7 3822 513269
Fax: +7 3822 511039

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Clinical Studies
Lushnikov E.F., Abrosimov A.Yu., Berdov B.A., Neborak Yu.T., Skoropad V.Yu. Pathological response of gastric cancer to neoadjuvant prolonged chemoradiotherapy followed by d2 gastrectomy

Ivanova N.V., Polyakov V.G., Shishkov R.V., Pavlovskaya A.I., Koshechkina N.A., Panferova T.P., Matveeva I.N. Diagnosis of follicular thyroid tumors

Laboratory and Experimental Studies
Yumov E.L., Tsyganov M.M., Litviakov N.V., Polishchuk T.V., Miller S.V., Rodionov E.O., Tuzikov S.A. Exspression of mdr-genes and monoresistance genes in non-small-cell lung cancer

Yengibaryan M.A., Ulyanova Yu.V., Shikhliarova A.I., Maryanovskaya G.Ya., Barsukova L.P. Influence of sodium nucleospermate on the nature of the body’s integrated reactions in combined modality treatment for head and neck cancer

Orlovsky A.A., Klenov О.A., Zaletok S.P., Chekhun V.F. Application of cancerolysis reaction to primary screening of clinical food's activity

Practice of Oncology
Pisareva L.F., Odintsova I.N., Ananina О.A., AfanasyevS.G., Volkov M.Yu., Lyakhova N.P. Esophageal cancer incidence in Tomsk region

Sotnikov A.V., Polyakov V.G., Saltanov A.I. Apache ii scoring system and its modification for the assessment of disease severity in children who underwent polychemotherapy

Yunusova N.V., Kondakova I.V., Kolomiets L.A., Chernyshova A.L., Shanshashvili E.V. Growth factor and adipokine receptors in pathogenesis and prognosis of endometrial cancer in patients with metabolic syndrome

Dmitrieva N.V., Klyuchnikova I.A., Shilnikova I.I. Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (literature review)

Case from Clinical Practice
Panferova E.V., Pisareva L.F., Odintsova I.N., Khyshiktuev L.V., Ponomarenko D.M., Cherdyntseva N.V. Hereditary multiple primary breast and ovarian cancer (case report)

Professor E.I. Bekhtereva (to the 90th birthday)

Chronicle. Information
Examination and treatment of patients with neck lymph nodes metastases without detectable primary tumor. Clinical recommendations

Proceedings of conference on Head and Neck Tumors (April 25, 2013, St-Petersburg, Russia)

Information on the work of Dissertation Board of the Cancer Research Institute, SB RAMS in 2013

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