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Founded in: 2002 .

ISSN: 1814-4861 (Print)

ISSN: 2312-3168 (Online)

Founder: Tomsk Cancer Research Institute

Editor-in-chief: Academician of RAS, Prof. E.L. Choinzonov

Publication frequency: 6 issues per year

Language: Russian, English

Subscription index: 46827


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5, Kooperativny Street
634050, Tomsk, Russia
Phone: +7 3822 418089, +7 3822 513269
Fax: +7 3822 511039

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Clinical Studies
Pustynskiy I.N., Paches A.I., Tkachev S.I., Kropotov M.A., Alieva S.B., Yagubov A.S., Bazhutova G.A., Slanina S.V. Cryoradiotherapy for patients with locally advanced buccal skin cancer

Gumenetskaya Yu.V., Popov A.M., Karyakin O.B., Gulidov I.A. Results of chemoradiotherapy for muscle�invasive bladder cancer

Maximov S.Ya., Imyanitov Е.N., Guseinov К.D., Gorodnova Т.V. Clinical features of brca-positive ovarian cancer

Zukov R.A., Dykhno Yu.A., Shulmin A.V., Kozlov V.V. Evaluation of medico-demographic deaths of population in Кrasnoyarsk region caused by renal cancer

Laboratory and Experimental Studies
Pankova О.V., Perelmuter V.М., Denisov Е.V., Tuzikov S.А., Miller S.V., Vasilyev S.А., Skryabin N.А Relationship between the development of lung squamous cell and grandular carcinoma recurrences and the character of dysregeneratory changes in bronchial epithelium near the tumor

Iryanov Yu.М., Filimonova G.N. To the problem of experimental-morphological studies of radiation-induced thyroid diseases

Voloschuk О.N., Marchenko М.М. Enzymatic activity of components of energy supply system of mitochondries of peripheral blood leukocytes in dynamics of Gerena's carcinoma growth

Practice of Oncology
Pisareva L.F., Odintsova I.N., Ananina О.А., Afanasyev S.G., Volkov М.Yu., Davydov I.M. Gastric cancer in Tomsk region: epidemiological aspects

Pavlov A.Y., Ivanov S.A., Gafanov R.A., Fastovets S.V., Tsybulsky A.D., Isaev T.K. Degarelix role and place in the combined treatment of patients with prostate cancer in combination with concurrent radiotherapy

Polyakov I.S., Imyanitov E.N. Molecular pathology of lung cancer: clinical aspects

Ryzhkova D.V., Тikhonova D.N., Grineva Е.N. Nuclear medicine technology for diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors

Skryabin N.A., Kashevarova A.A., Denisov E.V., Lebedev I.N. Methods of DNA methylation analysis: possibilities and limitations of their application in oncology

Case from Clinical Practice
Radzhapova М.U., Gulidov I.А., Gordon К.B., Polkin V.V., Agababyan Т.А. Metastases in pelvic bones with large soft tissue component in a patient with poorlydifferentiated follicular thyroid cancer

Miller S.V., Kozlov B.N., Dobrodeev А.Yu., Tuzikov S.А., Yumov Е.L., Panfilov D.S., Kuznetsov М.S., Sonduev E.L. acase of simultaneous operation for cardiac disaese and lung cancer

History of Medicine
Tyukalov M.J., Nekrylov S.А. Andrey G. Savinykh (1888–1963): From the correspondence of the scientist

V.L. Ivasenko (to the 85-th birthday)

Memory of academician RAMS A.F. Tsyb

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