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Founded in: 2002 .

ISSN: 1814-4861 (Print)

ISSN: 2312-3168 (Online)

Founder: Tomsk Cancer Research Institute

Editor-in-chief: Academician of RAS, Prof. E.L. Choinzonov

Publication frequency: 6 issues per year

Language: Russian, English

Subscription index: 46827


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5, Kooperativny Street
634050, Tomsk, Russia
Phone: +7 3822 418089, +7 3822 513269
Fax: +7 3822 511039

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Clinical Studies
Davydov M.I., Turkin I.N. Multicentric early gastric cancer: current approaches to surgical treatment

Turkin I.N., Davydov M.I. What defines the extent of lymphodissection for early gastric cancer?

Churuksaeva O.N., Kolomiets L.A. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer

Butenko A.V., Sokolov A.A., Privezentsev S.A., Akhmetshina V.M. Long-term treatment results in patients with locally advanced colon cancer

Simonov K.A., Startseva Zh.A., Slonimskaya E.M. Long-term outcomes in breast cancer patients after complex treatment with adjuvant radiation therapy

Pankratov V.A., Andreev V.G., Mardyntsky Yu.S., Rozhnov V.A., Kurpeshev O.K., Akki E.D. Current approaches to conservative and combined treatment for locally advanced laryngeal cancer

Zavjalova M.V., Telegina N.S., Vtorushin S.V., Perelmuter V.M., Slonimskaya E.M., Denisov E.V., Cherdyntseva N.V., Patalyak S.V., Skryabin N.A., Khristenko K.Yu. Lymphogenic metastasis in luminal-type A breasr cancer

Laboratory and Experimental Studies
Vasilyev S.A., Belenko A.A., Kutenkov O.P., Bolshakov M.A., Lebedev I.N., Rostov V.V. Different effects of pulsed X-rays in MOLT-4 cell line and human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Kukharev Y.V., Stakheeva M.N., Doroshenko A.V., Litvyakov N.V., Babyshkina N.N., Slonimskaya E.M., Cherdyntseva N.V. Relationship of the immunological parametres with neoadjuvant chemotherapy effectiveness in breast cancer patients

Zhylenko V.V., Zaletok S.P. Effect of fenugreek on the level of malone dialdehyde and certain hematologic parameters in tumor-bearing animals

Kakurina G.V., Kondakova I.V., Choinzonov E.L., Shishkin D.A., Cheremisina O.V. Assessment of blood serum proteome in patients with squamous cell head and neck carcinoma

Practice of Oncology
Kolyadina I.V., Poddubnaya I.V., van de Velde C.J.H., Kuppen P.J.K., Liefers G.J., Dekker-Ensink N.G., Bastiaannet E., van As-Sajet A., de Kruijf E., Komov D.V., Trofimova O.P., Teterin K.A., Banov S.M. Surgical tretment of early breast cancer: what has changed? (experience of international cooperation)

Pasov V.V., Chervyakova A.E. Long-term results of reconstructive-plastic surgeries in patients with secondary lymphostasis of upper extremities

Ryzhkova D.V., Vinokurov V.L., Pavlova V.S., Rogachev M.V. Positron emission tomography in gynecologic oncology

Belokhvostova A.S., Smirnova I.A., Enileeva A.A. Target therapy in treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer

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