Main entranceOncologist, radiologist, chemotherapeutic, biologist, geneticist and other specialists at the age of 35 are invited.

Scientific topics of the Conference:

The competition for the best young scientists report will be held at the Conference.

The program of the Conference will be formed at the end of March.

Deadline for registration and abstract: March 10, 2013

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e-mail for abstract:

Official language: Russian and English

Date of the Conference: April 26, 2013.

Conference location: Russian Federation
Cooperativnii str., 5
Cancer Research Institute, SB RAMS
  Phone: +7 3822 512529
Fax:   +7 3822 514097

Organizing committee:
 Buldakov Mikhail  
  Phone: +7 953 929 4627
 Nikitina Ekaterina
  Phone: +7 923 412 5435